About me


Hi my name is Charis founder of Strong.Wise.Better, Women Empowerment Mentor and Speaker. 

I show my scars so that others may know that theirs can heal too.
My mission is to prepare, position and activate driven women with the strategies, mindset, confidence and Faith to Win in life, love and Relationships by becoming better.
I want women to stop wishing, waiting and settling for less and turning your pain into fuel and start winning and succeed in life.


In 3 words explanations I will help you:


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Events and more


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Click here for your free copy of my e-book in Dutch called: "Wees open om te ontvangen" Make sure you get this if you want to receive more good and better things in your life. This e-book is for the  woman who has forgotten how to receive. (Click on icon)

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Driven women


It's time to become who you were created to be. 

Queen, now is not the time to keep on sleeping on yourself, to keep on wishing, wanting and settling for less. 
Now is the time to stand and deal. Now is the time to revover. Now is the time to do the work to become a better you!

No more allowing hurt, dissapointments, betrayal and brokeness to cause you to lose yourself and settle for less. I will help you take to ownership, bring the walls down, set boundaries and build gates. 

You got work to do and I know you don’t feel like it but Queen, it will be worth it. I promise! 

Because I went through this process myself and have overcome it, I want to help you to overcome it too. Don't hold yourself back.
It will be a good start for you to start investing in your self to work on your inner self to create a better outcome for your life! You owe it to yourself.


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My work


I Prepare position and activate driven women to win in life, love and realtionships through:


  • Exclusive empowerment & educational events (offline)
  • Online mentorship programs
  • Social media presence (facebook and Instagram)
  • 101 online and offline sessions (on request if needed)
  • Empowerment speaker
  • Other exclusibe online and offline activities and more